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How to Enabling FaceMatch
How to Enabling FaceMatch
GDPR and other privacy compliance with FaceMatch
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FaceMatch allows your guests to find all the photos they have taken at an event by showing your guests only the photos they are in.  Click here to view the article on how your guests can use FaceMatch.

In order to enable FaceMatch we will need to enable AVA under the Event Options tab and then enable FaceMatch under the Microsite tab for the event.

To be compliant with various privacy laws you will get a pop up, when selecting FaceMatch, which will display recommendations for compliance. 

Pop up

In order to comply with privacy laws you can either prompt the user in the disclaimer, or setup an opt-in field in the data capture form, or both if you prefer.

Option 1:
To setup the FaceMatch disclaimer prompt, head to "Event Options", select the "Advanced" button and choose the "Add FaceMatch disclaimer text" link and tick the "Require Disclaimer Confirmation" box.

Option 2:

To setup the opt-in field in the data capture, ensure data capture is enabled and open the builder interface. Drag the "FaceMatch" field from the left hand side and drop it in the iPad interface on the right. The field will be pre-filled with the privacy text needed for FaceMatch.

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