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How to add LUTs to Video
How to add LUTs to Video

With Snappic you can now add custom LUTs to your video template/s. This guide will take you through how that is done.

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What is a LUT?

A LUT (Lookup Table) is a preset color look for your videos. For example, you could download or create a LUT with Sepia tones to create an old-timey stylized look for your footage. This allows you to give your videos a specific, customized look. We have made it possible for you to upload your own LUTs (which you can create yourself or download from an online source) to Snappic for use when setting up your videos in the VideoFX builder.

Step 1

Navigate to the VideoFX template

You can edit a preset template or add the effect to a new template.

Step 2

Where to add LUTs

The LUTs are added under the "Timeline" section of your video template, so when you have already edited and/or set up your master settings and recordings - navigate to the "Timeline" section:

*Please note that if you want the LUT applied to your entire video and you have more than 1 timeline element, you would need to follow the below steps on each of your timeline app Recorded videos.

Step 3

Build a custom effect

Now once you have your timeline element selected you may select the "Build a custom effect" option.

Step 4

Add effect

Now you may click "Add effect".

Step 5

Color Grade Effect

Select the effect "Color Grade" and then you should see the option to upload your custom LUT.

You should also see a preview available so that you can preview your LUT applied.

And that is how you upload/add custom LUTs to your video templates!

Please note the way you stack your effects can affect the final preview output, so if you are going to stack any other color effects over this effect it will affect your LUT - so please just keep that in mind.

Please reach out to the support team if you need any assistance with this!

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