Getting Started

getting set up with SNAPPIC is easy, have a look at these articles if you having any issues

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions from you our users that will help you get going fast.

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Important to know

Here you will have access to important insight

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Add some articles to this collection

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GoPro compatibility and guides

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DSLR compatibility and guides

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Top Tips

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Event Settings

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We have some suggestions to get you going

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Event Info

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Here you will find insight into the more advanced features on SNAPPIC

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Designing, printing creating templates

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All things sharing: Text, email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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All things related to privacy

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Virtual Photo Booth

Setting up the Snappic Virtual Booth Experience

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QR Contactless Booth

All material needed to get you setup with our contactless booth

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How to setup and use all things competition

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All the info to get you set up with VideoFX

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CSS Styling

Learn how to style various elements for microsites, QR code mini sites and virtual booths.

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Enterprise Plus

All the info you need for setting up and managing your Enteprise plus account

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