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How to add Competition to your event
How to add Competition to your event

An extensive "how to" article showing you how to add the new competition feature (Scratch and Spin) to an event.

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The Snappic Competition feature has two options: 

  • Spin to Win (*Not available on Virtual Booths)

  • Scratch to Win

Step 1

Turning the Competition on

You can do this by going to the "Event Options" section on your event, and selecting "Scratch & Spin".

Please keep in mind that the Competition feature is based on the user sharing their photo/GIF/video. The user will need to share their photo/GIF/video via email or text message from the iPad in order for the competition option to pop up on the iPad.

Step 2

Choose between Spin or Scratch.

Please note that you can only have one competition type per event.

Step 3

Upload the graphics for your competition

  • Competition Background - this is the initial background image that is shown full screen when the competition option pops up for the user.

  • Scratch Cover Image (for the Scratch option only) - this is the image that the user scratches away to reveal if they have won or not.

  • Losing Image - this image is revealed if the user does not win a prize.

  • Done Button - this image is used as the button (at the bottom of the screen) to proceed to the next step in the competition.

  • Hide QR Code - If you enable this then the QR code will not be displayed in the email or link sent to the prize winner.
    We recommend enabling this when Competition is used on virtual events.

Step 4

Now, using the Prize Builder, set up your winning prizes.

The Prize Builder is where you create and edit the prizes for your competition.
Each prize you create will have its own name, imagery, and winning settings.

  • Prize Name - a brief description of the prize you are adding (specific to each prize).

  • Spin/Scratch Prize Image - this image is revealed if the user wins this prize (see image below).

Please note that prize settings are per iPad, please keep this in mind when setting up how many prizes are available. The reason for this is that we wanted our competition feature to work without the need for an internet connection.

Example. If you have 3 prizes and you are using 3 iPads you would set the event up to win only 1 prize and then all 3 iPads will give away 1 prize totaling 3 prizes.

  • Full Screen Winning Image - this image will be shown full screen after the user has won and taps the "done" button.

  • Winning Text - this is the text that is sent out to the winner either in an email and/or text message. 

  • Prize Settings - this will be where you set your winning and losing probability for each of your competition prizes.
    - Winning chance %: this is the probability a user has of winning this prize when they enter the competition.
    - Max losing entry count before forced win: this means if this prize has not been won after this amount of competition entries, the next user to enter the competition will win this prize. You can leave this blank to disable it.
    - Minimum duration between wins: this limits the minimum amount of time between wins of this prize. If this prize is won, it will not be eligible to be won again until this amount of time has elapsed. You can leave this blank to disable it.
    - Prize Win Limit: this limits the number of times this prize can be won. 

Step 5: You can now test your competition setup on your iPad.
You can open the event on your iPad now and click "Configure Competition".

From here, you can preview what the losing and winning options look like.
You can also use this view to check how many prizes have been won after the event. 

Keeping track of the prizes from your dashboard.
In order to keep track of the prizes that have been won, you can go to your dashboard and click on "Manage Scratch & Spin".
This view will show you each prize that has been won, along with the user's information that was entered when the prize was won. If needed, you can also revoke any won prizes.

Scanning the QR code:
The winner will receive an sms or email with a QR code which can be scanned to redeem their prize.

Simply use the link provided in the Scratch & Spin section of your event (see below) to scan the winner's QR code.

Design Specifications for Competition

1. Scratch-to-win competition mode:

Competition background: 2048px X 2732px (PNG)
Scratch cover image: 1200px X 800px (PNG)
Losing image: 1200px X 800px (PNG)
Done Button: 581px X 146px (PNG)

Prize Builder:

Scratch prize image: 1200px X 800px (PNG)
Full screen winning image: 2048px X 2732px (PNG)

2. Spin to win competition mode:

Competition background: 2048px X 2732px (PNG)
Losing image: 1200px X 200px (PNG)
Done button: 581px X 146px (PNG)

Prize Builder:

Spin prize image: 1200px X 200px (PNG)
Full screen winning image: 2048px X 2732px (PNG)

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