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Using an external camera with Snappic

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The app allows you to connect certain external DSLRs and mirrorless cameras with a direct USB connection. These cameras often capture with higher image quality than the built-in iOS camera.

Currently, only Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras are supported. Please see here for a full list of compatible cameras.

External cameras will work with all iPads and iPhones supported by Snappic, including devices with Lightning and USB-C ports. Depending on your camera, cable, and iOS device, you may need an adapter. See this article for connection details.

This external camera integration will only work if your device is on iOS version 15.x or greater and requires the latest version of Snappic. If your device is on a lower version, please update your iOS and Snappic versions before trying to connect a camera.

Note: external cameras are only used to capture Stills, GIFs, and Video at the moment. Burst capture will fall back to using the built-in camera. We plan to add support for capturing Burst with external cameras in the future. But we have added Burst templates to the VideoFX library as an alternative.

Using an External Camera

Using an external camera with Snappic is very easy. Simply follow these basic steps to set up a camera for your event.

Step 1

Connect your camera to your iOS device and turn it on. You can follow this guide to connect your camera.

Step 2

On the event configuration page on your iOS device, tap the Configure Camera button, and then choose your camera from the list when it comes up. There will be multiple entries for your camera. Each one will allow you to use the specified built-in camera for Burst and Video capture.

Camera Settings

The app allows you to change all the camera's capture settings from the device. See this article for a description of the different settings you can change. If you use a Canon DSLR, this article will guide you through setting up the basic settings on your camera. 


See this article for a list of common issues and resolutions that can come up when using an external camera.

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