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DSLR Camera Compatibility
DSLR Camera Compatibility

See which cameras are compatible with the new Snappic DSLR integration.

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The following cameras are compatible with Snappic. Some will work better than others. Currently, only Canon EOS cameras, some Nikon Cameras, and some Sony cameras are supported.

Please note: Due to the number of cameras available on the market, there may be cameras that work that are not on the list, as it is not feasible to test them all. Please let us know if you have any issues or have tested other cameras that work, and we will add them to this list.


Canon camera support requires iOS version 14.2 and Snappic version 1.20.

If you want to capture videos with DSLR, you will need Snappic version 1.23.

Canon R-Line (Mirrorless Range)

  • EOS R3

  • EOS R5

  • EOS R50

  • EOS R6

  • EOS R6 mk II

  • EOS R7

  • EOS R8

  • EOS R10

  • EOS R100

Canon M-Line (Mirrorless Range)

  • EOS M2

  • EOS M3

  • EOS M5

  • EOS M6

  • EOS M6 Mark II

  • EOS M50

  • EOS M50 Mark II

  • EOS M10

  • EOS M100

  • EOS M200

Canon DSLR (some may have limited functionality)

  • EOS 1D X Mark II

  • EOS 6D

  • EOS 6D Mark II

  • EOS 70D

  • EOS 77D

  • EOS 80D

  • EOS 90D

  • EOS 200D, SL2

  • EOS 250D, SL3

  • EOS 750D, T6i

  • EOS 760D, T6s

  • EOS 800D, T7i

  • EOS 850D, T8i

  • EOS 1300D, T6

  • EOS 2000D, T7

  • EOS 4000D, T10


Nikon camera support requires iOS version 15.0 and Snappic version 1.21.

Most Nikon D Series SLR and Z Series Mirrorless cameras are supported.

Unsupported: D80

Unsupported: D90


Sony camera support requires Snappic version 1.23. The app only supports capturing photos with Sony cameras at the moment. A future update will add support for recording video using Sony cameras.

  • α7 III

  • α7 IV

  • α7R II

  • α7R III

  • α7R IV

  • α7S

  • α7S II

  • α7S III

  • α7C

  • α9

  • α9 II

  • α1

  • α6100

  • α6300

  • α6400

  • α6600

  • ZV-E10

  • ZV-1

  • RX100 VI

  • RX100 VII

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