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Recommended Camera Settings for the iPad/iPhone
Recommended Camera Settings for the iPad/iPhone
Here are the basic settings that we recommend for getting the best results from your iPad/iPhone camera
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This guide will show you how to set up your iPhone and iPad camera for consistent results. Please note that the output will rely heavily on external lighting factors. For the best results, we recommend adding additional lighting to your booth and adjusting the settings accordingly.

When you click "Start Booth" on the event you have set up on your booth device (either an iPad or iPhone), you will be taken to a screen where you can adjust the camera settings for that device. Alternatively, you can swipe up with three fingers on the screen while capturing a photo/GIF/burst/video.

You can adjust the settings by clicking on the different tabs. Here are some of the settings that we recommend in order to get the best quality from your device's camera:


This will affect the brightness of the image. Making the exposure too high will make the image look over-exposed and too bright. If the exposure is too low, your image will be too dark.

  • Leave "Exposure Bias" at 0

  • Adjust the "Shutter Speed" to 0.008

  • Set the "ISO" to 100


This setting will set what the camera focuses on.

  • Turn "Video Focus Lock" on

White Balance

White balance affects the warmth and coolness of your image. If the image is too warm, it will appear quite yellow. If it is too cool, it will have a blue tinge.

  • Disable "Auto White balance"

You can disable the white balance and adjust it depending on the lighting situation at your venue. Have someone stand in front of the booth while you adjust the "Temperature" slider. This will make the image warmer or cooler.

If these settings still produce darker results, it means that there is not enough light at the event.

You can raise the ISO slightly, but this will make the video/photo grainy. It is essential to test and see what it looks like.

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