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Testing an event
Testing an event

Testing your event on your iPad

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There are two ways you can test your event:

  • Without using an iPad: Using the Test Event Templates option - You can read more on this option by clicking here:

  • Testing on an iPad: Using Test Mode.

How to Enable Test Mode for the Event:

When you open your event on your PC/laptop you will see an option to "Enable Test Mode" under the "Actions" drop-down.

Once you select this a banner will appear across the top of the page to inform you the event is now in Test mode.

Now you can go and open the event on your iPad and test the event out, it will not ask you to deactivate another license. Test Mode allows you to test the event without disrupting any of your live events or using any of your licenses.
Important to Note: All photos will be watermarked during Test Mode.

To Disable Test Mode.
Once you are done testing your event, you can just go back to your event dashboard on your PC and disable Test Mode- click the text in orange.
Once you disable it, a pop-up will appear to remind you to refresh your event on the iPad so that any photos taken from this point on will not have a watermark.

Do not forget to refresh the event on the iPad once you have disabled Test Mode.
Please also note the sharing station can not be tested while the event is in Test Mode.

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