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Setting up a contactless photo booth
Setting up a contactless photo booth

Snappic has added a QR Interaction feature that allows you to set up a contactless solution for your guests.

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With hygiene and safety being a top priority at the moment due to COVID-19, Snappic has added a simple touchless solution for your guests to use so they can still have fun with photo booths at their events.

Basic overview of how the contactless solution will work at your event:

Once you enable the QR interaction option on your event, the system will automatically generate a QR code for you to place near your booth or add to the attract screen for your guests to scan the first time they want to use the photo booth.

Once they scan the QR code displayed on your booth, they will be directed to a branded webpage where they will be able to choose:

  • Their experience (still, GIF, burst, or videoFX)

  • The template/overlay they want to use (if multiple templates are set up)

  • A digital prop (if enabled)

  • Their preferred method of sharing (via email or text)

Once they have entered their sharing details, they will see a new QR code on their phone. They can now scan this new QR code on the iPad, and the app will start the photo booth experience. Once the photo (Gif, burst, or video) has been taken, the app will automatically share the photo with the details previously entered on the webpage/mini-site.

What the webpage/mini-site looks like on a mobile device:

The webpage/mini-site can be customized with your own branding and logo. This page uses the template you have chosen under the "Microsite" section. So any changes you have made to your microsite will be displayed on the webpage/mini-site.

If you would like to make custom changes to the text on the webpage/mini-site, then once you have set up the background under the "Microsite" section, you can go to the "QR Interaction" section and add custom CSS and JS (as shown below under STEP 2).

If you would like to add an opt-in button (for privacy purposes) or set up a questionnaire for the guest to fill in, you can achieve this by setting up a survey. The survey will then be displayed after the guest has entered their contact info and before the QR code is displayed on their phone.

The guest will never need to touch the iPad to complete their photo booth experience, and the QR code that they initially generated on their phone can be used multiple times on the photo booth so the guest does not need to enter their share details every time they use the photo booth after the initial time.

To note, if they do wish to choose a different experience (template and/or digital prop) they can refresh the page on their phone to go back to the first step (choosing the experience).

Follow the below steps in order to set up a completely touchless solution with your Snappic event.

On your event dashboard:

Step 1: Enable QR Interaction

Go to your events and select the Event Options tab and ensure you enable "QR Interaction".

Step 2: Displaying the QR Code to your guests

If you scroll down, you will see a "QR Interaction" section which will display the QR code and link you can use for your event. You can download the QR code and display it on/near your photo booth either by printing it out or adding it to your attract screen artwork.

The link (under QR Generator Link) is also available if you would like to send the link to your guests before the event so they can set up their sharing preferences beforehand. Then when they arrive at the event, they only need to scan their QR code on the photo booth.

If you click "Edit" on the QR Interaction section, you will see an option to toggle on/off the event experiences shown to the guest on the web page/mini-site. There is also a section to add custom CSS and JS (see below).

Step 3: On the iPad

Open the event on your iPad and make sure you have "QR Code" toggled on.

Now you can start your event, and you will see on the attract screen there is a QR code scanner for your guests to use.

Please note: Make sure you have the correct app version on your iPad in order to use the QR Interaction option - available from version 1.16.

You can change the text above the QR code scanner area by using the translation feature- go to the "Presets" tab on your dashboard, choose "App Translations," and scroll down to "QR Code Scanner".

We also recommend changing the text that appears after the session so that the guest knows their session is being shared with them and they do not need to touch the screen to end the session.

With QR Interaction enabled, the time-out feature is toggled on automatically so that once the photo is shared, the app will automatically (within a few seconds) go back to the initial attract screen. The timeout settings can be edited if you would like the timeout pop-up to appear sooner. To edit the timeout settings, you can go to the "Advanced" settings (under "Event Options") on your event.

Enterprise users can still collect and share data when using the QR code feature. Any emails or phone numbers entered on the webpage/mini-site will be collected and downloaded under the Analytics section of your event.

With the QR Interaction feature, there are a few limitations, but this is to restrict the guest's contact with the iPad:

  • Competition is not available with this feature.

  • For now, the guests won't be able to choose a filter.

  • If you want photos to be printed on-site, we recommend setting up "auto print" under your printer settings.

If you have any questions, you can always send us a message on LiveChat.

CSS for the QR Interaction

If you would like to change the color of the text that is shown to the guests on the webpage/mini-site, then you can add the below script in the Custom CSS box found in the "QR Interaction" section- the default color is white at the moment.

Add the CSS into the Custom CSS section under "QR Interaction", as shown in the screenshot below.

First, copy the script below exactly as is, then paste it into the Custom CSS section. Next, you can change the color noted in the script (from "white" to whatever color you would like) and then save.




color: white;

border: 1px solid white;




color: white !important;




border: 1px solid white;

color: white;




border: 1px solid white;

color: white;




color: white!important;




border-color: white!important;

color: white !important;



Another option for setting up a contactless photo booth:

If you have an attendee at your booth and are not concerned about guests sharing their photo on-site, then you can either hand out cards (with a QR code or a link printed on) or have a big printout on a table next to the booth that displays the QR code that links to your microsite.

That way, your attendee is the only one touching the iPad, and your guests can either take a card or scan the QR code next to the booth when they are done taking their photo to be directed to the microsite. You can then have FaceMatch enabled on the microsite so your guest will be able to find all the photos they are in and share them from the microsite. Click here to read up on the FaceMatch feature.

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