We want you to be able to grow your business. One way is to offer a variety of photo booths that break the mold. With Snappic, you can roam around the event catching action photos of guests as they happen. It's a great marketing tool for concerts, weddings, conferences, or any event you can think of.

iPad and iPhone

Add the Booth Masters Ego, PicBox HandHeld, or Mobibooth Cruise™ to make it look great and finish off the setup.


With a variety of DSLR cameras to choose from, such as Canon, Nikon, and Sony, you will be able to capture stunning images.

Add a Camera to your iPhone or iPad, set up and up your game with professional photos that will impress everyone, and with the ability to add a Speed light, your images will look amazing.

Purchase accessories for a similar setup - here

Roaming Video experiences using VideoFX and AI segmentation will allow you to offer unique photo booth events that wow your guests.

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