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Frame Adjustment - Photo, GIF, and Burst
Frame Adjustment - Photo, GIF, and Burst
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In this article, we will set up a custom Green Screen Background and make a Frame Adjustment for Photos and Videos. We can use Photoshop or Photopea.

Table of Content:

  1. Photos, GIFs, and Burst - You are here -

Photos, GIFs, and Burst

  • Create a template inside of the Snappic Template Builder. I will be working with the Instagram Story template (1080x1920).

  • Now we can upload it as an Overlay to the Template Layout Creator.

  • Now you can draw a frame and add the exact dimensions from Photopea.

To do this, you will go back to Photopea, check the selected area we have deleted, click on Properties, and use these dimensions to place the frame.

  • This will be the end for the overlay part, and now we can set the opacity to 100%, save the template, and Save Changes.

  • Next, we can go to the Green Screen tab and upload the cropped "background" image we saved earlier.

    For this example we will use AI Background removal, but it will also work for Green Screen. Save Changes and you are done.

This is the final output.

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