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A microsite is a great feature to have for your guests to share their images from and show off your clients branding. With the Microsite, you can also hyperlink banners to your social pages or website for added exposure. 

You can edit the Microsite by enabling it in your web portal under the 'event options' tab. Once this is complete you will then be able to edit your microsite.

 Once you are in the Microsite setup you can then edit options:

  • The Meta title (this will display in the tab at the top of the browser and will make the event look customized to your event) 

  • You can add a protected password for the Microsite Gallery (If left blank then there will be no password needed for access) 

  • The option to Hide the Gallery Button & the Still photos.

  • You will have sharing options that you can select to be active or not and you can edit the social messages.

  • The Slideshow background can also be changed within the Microsite settings.

You will be able to select one of our templates which suits your design idea's best and customize it to your needs along with our design parameters.  All your images will then post to this custom branded microsite

You can edit your template as well as the editable elements within it which are denoted by the green-dotted borders. Images, text, and video links can be customized too, simply click on an element to begin editing. 

Save your settings once you are complete and you will be ready to test out your microsite.

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