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How to set up AI Sharing
How to set up AI Sharing

An informative guide explaining how the new AI sharing feature works and how to set it up to make sharing at your event super easy.

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AI sharing works with facial recognition and facial mapping in order to create a personal gallery that you can use to view, download and/or share all of the sessions you participated in. Additionally, you will automatically receive a text or email (depending on the sharing method chosen) each time you visit the photo booth.

This eliminates the need to share from the booth completely!

Essentially, once your face has been "registered" you can then take as many photos and videos on the booth without needing to type in any sharing details.

Important to remember:

  • AI Sharing is only available on Enterprise packages.

  • You need to ensure you have enabled the following items in order to use AI sharing at your event:

    • Microsite

    • AVA

    • Email and/or Text sharing

    • QR Interaction

Step 1

Event Options

Go to the ''Event Options'' section on your event and click "Edit".

Step 2

Event Options

Ensure you tick AVA, QR Interaction, Microsite, and Text Messaging and/or Email.

Step 3

QR Interaction

Now go to the "QR Interaction" section, tick "AI sharing" and then save changes.
You can also use contactless with AI sharing but for the purpose of this article, we will not tick it.
โ€‹AI sharing will be greyed out if you do not have a microsite enabled.

Step 4

QR code

You will now see the unique event QR code available in the "QR Interaction" section.

This QR code can be added to your attract screen artwork or printed out and placed next to your photo booth. Alternatively, you can even send the link to your guests so they can register themselves before the event.

Step 5


You can now test by scanning your unique event QR code from your mobile device and the following is what you (and your guest) will see:

And that's it!
Now you have a link to your personal gallery where all your sessions will automatically populate and you can still view the full gallery if you want. You will also automatically receive your image via text or email (depending on which sharing method you chose) every time you visit the photo booth.

Additional info:

  • AI Sharing will require credits which you can purchase from your "Accounts/Top Up" tab on your dashboard.

  • AVA is our Advanced Vision Analytics feature

    More on AVA here.

  • Depending on which frames are pulled from the video, AI sharing may not work well as it needs a clear view of the subject's face.

  • Similarly, if guests are using digital props then AI sharing won't work as the subject's face is not fully visible, therefore the algorithm can not match the subject's face.

Please feel free to reach out to the support team, who are available 24/7, should you have any questions.

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