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How to change the language of the instagram share information for the Microsite

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Changing the text for Instagram sharing.

Using the Snappic "Add Header Snippet" option you can now translate the pop-up text that instructs your guest how to share their Instagram-ready video!

Step 1 -  Go to the "Microsite" section and click edit.
Step 2 - Click on the "Add Header Snippet" button next to the template thumbnail (see below).
Step 3 - Add the snippet for the new language - this is shown in the next section.
Step 4 - Save the header snippet and then click on "Save all changes".
Step 5 - Test, Test Test!

Header Snippet (what you need for Step 3 above):

All you will need to do is copy the script below and make changes to the text highlighted in Bold.

The text highlighted in Bold will be editable and must be the only changes you make. Be sure not to change anything else besides the text or you may run into issues. 

Below are the 3 sharing steps which you will be changing within the script below, it would be good to use this as a reference for what changes you would like to make.

After you have edited the script below you will be able to test & your results should look like the below example (French Translation):

-----------Beginning of Script------------------


var text_translation = {

"gallery_button": "Gallery",

"gif_tab": "GIF",

"photo_tab": "Photo",

"video_tab": "Video",

"instagram_video": {

"title": "Instagram Video",

"share": "Share",

"success_message": "You should receive an email with your Instagram-ready video shortly.",

"step_1": "Enter your e-mail address and click share.",

"step_2": "Once you receive your e-mail, save the attachment.",

"step_3": "Upload your Instagram-ready video with the Instagram app."


"instagram_photo": {

"title": "Instagram Photo",

"share": "Download",

"step_1": "Click download.",

"step_2": "You can then save the photo to your phone.",

"step_3": "Open Instagram and then you can choose your photo to share."




-----------End of Script------------------

Original English version:

Once you have copied over your new script into the 'add snippet header' option, you can then save and test to ensure you have made all the correct changes.

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