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Password Protecting the Gallery
Password Protecting the Gallery
How to protect your gallery with a password.
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You can set up your custom password by going to the event dashboard for your event and clicking on the "Edit" option on the "Microsite" section.

You will now find the option to create a custom password for your microsite gallery. You can leave the "Gallery password" blank if you don't want the gallery to be password protected. 

Once complete you can save your settings and test by saving the changes and then clicking on "Microsite".

You will then be directed to the "Gallery Locked" screen where you will input your password and access will be granted. 

To note: If you want to easily view what the password is without having to go into the microsite section, you can just hover over the word "View" under the "Gallery Password" heading- see below- and your password will pop up. 

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