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Send Analytics to Client
Send Analytics to Client

How to send photos and analytics to your client

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With Snappic, you have the ability to share important analytics data, including emails and phone numbers, that are integral to a successful marketing campaign but also give your client direct access to their Photos or videos.

How do I send my clients the Share data, photos and videos

You no longer have to copy the photos to a flash drive to give your client after an event, we live in a digital age and want to give your clients a seamless experience with easy-to-use functions. 

That is why we created the "Send to Client" feature allowing you to simply enter their name and email address and have it send your client a live webpage with on-demand analytics and the ability to:

  • Download photos or GIFs at any time 

  • View the microsite gallery 

  • Download share data - Emails and phone numbers

  • Download Data Capture - If this has been set up for the event

Step 1 - Click the "View" button in the analytics section on your event.

Step 2 - Now click the "Actions" button in the top right corner of your analytics page.

Step 3 -  Enter your client's name and email address then click Send.

Step 4 - Done! Your client will now receive a link to a page where they can monitor the analytics or download their photos and videos.

The live webpage can also be white-labelled using the Snappic White-label URLs and Emails option that allows you to change the domain to show your own domain instead of Snappic's  - View more

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