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Analytics with Snappic

A comprehensive guide on the analytics captured by Snappic

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Can you collect event data with Snappic for clients?

One of the significant advantages of having the enterprise package is Snappic's Analytics feature, which captures a variety of statistics; like the number of photo views, total printouts and share status to name a few.

One of the key metrics sought after is the number of emails and texts sent out during the event. Snappic has you covered!



Total Shares: Depending on your event set-up but the total shares include all the shares made from the iPad, microsite (if you have one set up), and Virtual Booth. These shares include email, text, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, media downloads, and printing.

Data Capture Responses and Share Data: If you have set up a survey then the data capture number will show how many responses you received via the survey. The share data is the actual data captured when guests shared their photos/GIFs/videos via text or email.

Total Sessions (Photos vs GIF vs Video): This shows the total number of sessions for an event, and then the breakdown of how many were photos vs GIFs vs videos.

Total Photo Views: This shows the total number of views for all photos, GIFs, and videos.

Shares: This is a bar graph to show the distribution of the shares, so how many were shared via email, social media, and/or text sharing? This breakdown also shows you the number of prints that were done at the event.

Share Distribution: The pie chart shows the share data as a percentage so you can see what option was most popular.

Reach & Impressions Estimates: This is an estimated number of reach and impressions gained throughout the event, as well as, post-event.


Most Viewed: Shows the most viewed media (photo/GIF/video), with the count of the number of times each one was viewed.

Recent Photos: This shows the most recent photos taken.

Recent GIFs: This shows the most recent GIFs taken.

Photo Timeline: The timeline shows when photos/GIFs/videos were taken so you can see your busiest periods.


4. AVA


Info Prize Wins: This shows the total number of prizes that have been won.

Info Prizes: This shows the number of different prizes that have been won. For example, if you have set up 2 different vouchers that can be won, this shows that both types of prizes have had winners.

Prizes: The pie chart shows the percentage distribution between the different types of prizes.

The table shows you which prize has been won, the phone number or email address that was used for that session, when the prize was won, and a link to the actual image/video that won the prize.


Keep track of the number of credits used on your specific virtual booth events.

You will be able to see how many virtual credits and BG (background removal) credits were used on a per-event basis.

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