The Mobibooth integration is available from version 1.17.

To connect your Mobibooth lights, select your event on the iPad and then tap on "Select Accessories". A pop-up will appear with a section called "Mobibooth Ring Light", tap the Mobibooth device listed under the header.

Please note, your Mobibooth device does need to be switched on otherwise it will not show up but also be sure to check that the power supply is correctly plugged in on both ends.

Your device will now automatically connect and show you a pop-up with various settings.

Make sure to first choose the device type that you have - "Aura, Cruise or Cruise Mini" - and then you can "Edit" or "Preview" the colors and animations for the different steps of the user experience.

Please note, you can not have the Mobibooth app open when you try to connect your lights to Snappic so please make sure your Mobibooth app is closed when trying to connect to Snappic.

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