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AirPrint with Snappic
AirPrint with Snappic

An in-depth guide showing you how to use AirPrint with Snappic.

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When using the AirPrint option, you will have access to the same advanced settings as seen on the Snappic print server.

What you need:

  • The Snappic app installed onto your iPad or iPhone

  • Your AirPrint-capable printer or dongle is set up and ready to connect.

  • Access to WiFi for local communication between your printer and your iPad

Getting started:

Step 1

Select AirPrint

Open the event on your iPad.

Go to the event dashboard, and tap on the "Configure Printer" button.

Then choose the "AirPrint" option.

Step 2

Configure your Printer

Once you have tapped on "AirPrint", you will then see a pop-up with "Standard" and "Strip" tabs. Depending on your printing requirements, you can configure both tabs or just one. Don't forget to tap on "Choose" to select your printer, as indicated in the screenshot below.

Once you have chosen your printer, then you can set your margins.

The preview on the left will guide you.

Step 3

Save and Test!

Once you are happy with the margin settings, then tap "Save" and start your photo booth. Take a photo and print it out to ensure the margin settings are correct.

If you have trouble printing, it could more than likely be communication to the printer or perhaps the incorrect size paper or incorrect paper type is in use.

Please feel free to reach out to support if you need assistance troubleshooting.

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