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Making changes to an event
Making changes to an event

You can make changes to an event via our online management portal

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Once you start the event, any changes you wish to make need to be done on the event Web Dashboard. Once the change has been made (don't forget to press "Save Changes"), you will need internet access to refresh the event on the Snappic app so that your event reflects the new changes.

There are two ways of refreshing the event.

  1. LiveConnect (Accessing the app Remotely - only available for Enterprise Month and annual subscriptions as an add-on)

Snappic app

  • Once you have made the desired change to the event on the dashboard, exit the event on the Snappic app and press the Refresh button in the top right corner.

  • Once the event has been refreshed, you can open it and resume.


To use LiveConnect, you will need to have an Enterprise month or annual subscription.

The LiveConnect add-on is under the account tab.

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