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Custom Preview Images for the Snappic App
Custom Preview Images for the Snappic App

How to upload your own stock images that are displayed to your guests in the app when they choose their overlay.

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Add some additional customization to your event by enabling custom preview images for Still, GIF, and Burst.

*Files must be JPEG & can not be larger than 2MB.

Step 1

Go to Presets

Click on the "Presets" tab at the top of your dashboard and then click the "Template Preview Images" block.

Step 2

Add your Preview Images

You will then see two blocks; one for "Still & GIF", and one for "Burst".

You can now choose to upload an image that can be used for Still and GIFs and/or upload an image/s for burst to be used in the overlay previews on the app. Just click on the "Add" button in each block.

You can now name your preview pack and click on "+Preview Images" to upload your JPEG/s.

Remember to take your overlay template into consideration. So if you have a 4-photo GIF template then please upload 4 images otherwise the system will just cycle through the images you do upload and you may not get the same GIF effect when guests preview the overlay.

Once you have saved your preview pack then you should see the below screen.

You can also come back to this section if you need to edit one of your preview pack templates.

Step 3

Assigning your Preview Pack

Once you have saved your preview pack, you can then go to your event and click "Edit" under the "App Experience" section.

Now choose your preview pack template from the dropdown in the "Preview Images" block for your Still/GIF and Burst templates.

Test out your custom preview images on the app now. Just remember to refresh your event on the iPad for the changes that you make on the dashboard to propagate.

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