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Uploader/Watch folder App
Uploader/Watch folder App

How to set up and use the new Snappic Uploader/Watch-folder App

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The new Snappic Uploader app (currently in beta) will allow you to upload media from external sessions directly to your Snappic event gallery (or microsite).

These external sessions can be from a Windows Photo Booth software, Photo Array, a different 360 booth software, etc.

Now you can utilize Snappic's microsite, AI Sharing, analytics, etc., with different photo booth software options.

Follow the steps below to get started

Step 1.

Download and Install the Photo Booth Uploader App.
It can be found on the resources tab on your dashboard.

Click below to download the app

Step 2.

Once the uploader is installed, log in to your Snappic account using the same details as the dashboard.

Step 3.

Once logged in, select an event.
​Please note: only live events will populate in the Photo Booth Uploader App.

Step 4.

Now click "Add new folder"

Step 5.

Select "Click to browse on your device" under "Browse" this is going to allow you to select a chosen folder on your dashboard that the Snappic Uploader App will watch for new media. If you want it to pull in photos/GIF/Videos from Dropbox then simply select a dropbox folder.

For this example, we are making sure we have "Include sub-folder" as we are selecting the folder type "VIDEO" and the subfolder "Video" found inside of "Watch Folder" on my desktop. See red arrows for context.

Step 6.

Click the "Done" button.

And then the "Start" button.

Step 7.

Nice, you are all set! All media should be streaming into your Snappic event from that folder. You will be able to re-queue failed uploads by clicking the button in the top right and keep an eye on all uploads from the table.

Please note: folder types will not appear if they are not active on your event.

For example: if Video is not enabled on your event the Video folder type will not appear on your event.

Please feel free to reach out on the live chat for more info.

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