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Snappic Credits Explained
Snappic Credits Explained

Snappic's different types of credit add-ons include: text messages, AI BG removal, virtual booth, uploader/watch folder, and AI sharing.

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In this article, we will go over the different types of add-on credits you can purchase to use with Snappic.

To purchase any credits, you will need to navigate to the "Account" tab on your Snappic dashboard. Then under the "Account Credits" section on the right, click the "Top Up" button.

There are 4 different types of credits available:

Text Credits

You will need text credits if you have activated the text sharing option for your event. This allows guests to share their sessions taken at your booth via text message.

Text credits are free for users residing in the USA and Canada. Unfortunately, if you reside outside of the USA and Canada, you will be required to purchase additional text credits.

However, Snappic does provide every account with a certain amount of free text credits, depending on what type of package you have purchased. Please see the packages below and how many free text credits you will receive:



30 text credits


300 text credits

Enterprise/Enterprise Plus

Per Event

100 text credits


250 text credits


3000 text credits

Virtual Booth/Uploader Folder Credits

In this section, you can purchase either Virtual Booth credits or Uploader/Watch Folder Credits. These will be under the same tab in the top-up section, so by choosing this option, the credits will be utilized for either your Virtual Booth or Uploader app, depending on which one you are using for your event.

Virtual Booth

Snappic's Virtual Booth is a browser-based virtual photo booth for remote teams, virtual events, conferences, and more, allowing users to take photos in a virtual photo booth experience just like they would at a traditional booth at an event.

With Snappic's Enterprise and Enterprise Plus packages, you receive the following amount of Virtual Booth credits free with your purchase:

Enterprise Event with Virtual Booth Enabled

400 virtual event photos (Not Transferable)

Monthly and Annual Enterprise Packages - Virtual Booth add-on

300 virtual event photos (Not Transferable)

To find out more about Virtual Booth please follow the link below:

Uploader/Watch Folder

Snappic's Uploader App allows you to upload media from external sessions directly to your Snappic event gallery (or microsite). These external sessions can be from a Windows Photo Booth software, Photo Array, a different 360 booth software, etc.

This allows you to utilize Snappic's microsite, AI Sharing, analytics, etc. with different photo booth software options.

In order to upload media from external sessions, you will need to purchase Uploader Credits.

To find out more please take a look at the Uploader app article below:

AI Background Removal Credits

AI Background Removal is one of Snappic's most innovative features. It allows you to remove the background of images taken at your booth, and replace them with your own uploaded background. This means that you don't need a physical green screen at your event.

You will need to purchase AI Background Removal Credits in order to use this feature at your event. Please note that 1 credit = 1 Background Removal on a single image.

To find out more about AI BG Removal, click below:

AI Sharing Credits

AI Sharing is our most advanced sharing method. It works with facial recognition and mapping to register your guest's face. It then scans all the media being taken at the event and selects every photo/GIF/burst/video that they are in, and uploads it into their own personal online gallery. Additionally, they will automatically be sent an email/text (whichever option they filled in when they registered) after every session they take at your booth. This eliminates the need to share from the booth completely!

Essentially, once your face has been "registered" you can then take as many photos and videos on the booth without needing to type in any sharing details.

You will need to purchase AI Sharing credits in order to use this feature at your event.

To find out more about AI Sharing, please follow the link below:

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact us on our 24/7 live support chat! Simply visit and click the blue icon in the bottom right corner to start a chat.

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