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QR Sharing with Snappic
QR Sharing with Snappic
Share a session straight from the app with a unique QR code.
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With QR Sharing, you can offer guests another easy sharing option when using your photo booth. QR Sharing gives your guests the option to directly scan a QR code after they have taken their photo or recorded their video, that way they receive their session directly on their phone without having to enter their email or phone number at the booth.

All you need to do is ensure you have enabled "QR Sharing" under the "Event Options" section.

And then you can change the look and feel of the QR code to match your event under

the "QR Sharing" section.

Now when you test the event on your device, you will see a QR code icon next to the other sharing options. Your guest just needs to choose this option and scan the QR code with their phone.

This feature is only available from Snappic App version 1.25, so please ensure you are always on the latest version of the app.

Important to remember:

  • QR code colour - we highly recommend you test out the QR code option before your event starts to ensure the colour you have chosen for the QR code does not clash with the background on the app. You don't want guests to struggle to scan the QR code because there is not enough contrast between the background colour and QR code.

  • Internet - if you do not have a great internet connection on-site then there may be a delay with session uploads which means that when guests scan the QR code it will direct them to a page that says the session is not available yet. Once your device has a stable internet connection, and the sessions have been uploaded then your guests will be able to view their photo/GIF/video.

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