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QR Sharing Options
QR Sharing Options
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Snappic offers 3 QR solutions that you can use to upscale your Photo Booth business!

QR Sharing

QR Sharing offers your guests the option to scan a QR code directly after taking photos or recording their video. They will receive their session directly on their phone without having to enter their email or phone number at the booth.

QR Contactless

This allows the client not to touch the booth. You will provide the users with the Link or QR code that will take them to a mini-site to choose their experience. It will generate a QR code that they will point to the iPad to scan so the session can start.

AI Sharing

AI sharing works with facial recognition and facial mapping to create a personal gallery that you can use to view, download, and share all of the sessions you participated in. Additionally, once you register, you will automatically receive a text or email (depending on the sharing method chosen) each time you visit the photo booth.

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