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Getting started using and saving your own events as templates
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If you are starting out and need a template to get up and running in seconds, want to try out a themed event, or have more complex ongoing workflows, event templates will be a great addition.

Events can get quite complex as Snappic has evolved to include so many features that it can be tedious finding and duplicating events that you use regularly. That is where event templates come in!

How it works

This article will address 3 parts

Choosing an event template

To get started, click the "events" tab and then "Create event."

Next, you will see a NEW popup with the option to choose a template. We have a couple already added, and we will add more as we get feedback from our users.

You will see that there are categories you can choose from, or you can select from the "My Event Templates" section, which we will go through in more detail below.

Once you select that template, it will generate a new event based on that template, and you can proceed to edit it to suit your specific event needs.

Saving your own events as a template

We have also added the ability to save an event you have created as a template, allowing you to streamline your workflows and keep complex event templates easily accessible.

Step 1

Go to the event you would like to create a template from. Once you are there, click the "Actions" dropdown in the top right corner and then select "Create Event Template from this Event."

Step 2

Enter a template name, add a preview image, and tap "Create." That is it. You are done! When creating an event, your template will now be available in the "My Event Templates" section.

Managing Event templates

Managing these templates is easy. Head over to your "Presets" tab on your dashboard and then click the "Event Templates" block as below.

From here, you will be able to delete templates or edit them. Clicking "View Event" will allow you to edit the event template.

Please note any edits/changes you make will be applied to new events that you create from that template going forward.

That's all! Please feel free to reach out to support if you have any further questions related to event templates.

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