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Standby Screen & Auto Resume
Standby Screen & Auto Resume
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In this article, we will show you how to enable the Standby screen.

How to enable the Standby Screen on the event setup page.

  1. Go to your event, search for "App Experience," and click on "Edit."

2. Select "Standby Screen". There are three options for adding a message to the Standby Screen. You can have it all enabled if you wish.

  • Preloaded Messages: Add your standby screen message in the textbox provided. You can click on 'Add message" to add multiple messages.

  • Custom Messages: You can enable "Allow custom message from device" and write your own custom message on the device.

  • Pre-Event message: You can enable "Show Stand By Before Event Starts" and write your own custom message that can be enabled on your event. There will also be a timer/countdown that shows the client when the event will start.

3. Save and test :)

How to enable the Standby Screen on the App

  1. Go to the event on your app and click start photo booth button. Proceed until you get to the 'App Experience Section.'

Step 2.

  • Click on "Exit" or triple-tap the top left corner of the device to display a pop-up keypad.

  • Click on "Admin" and enter your Admin password to enable the standby screen.

Step 3.

  • Click on "Auto Resume" to add the time that the booth should resume.

​Step 4.

  • Choose/Enter the standby message that you would like to use and click on "Enter Standby" to activate the Standby Screen.

How to exit the Standby Screen on your Device.

1. Click on "Exit" for the Keypad pop-up to appear. Enter your Admin Password to resume/exit the standby screen.

Please note:

  • 'Resume' = This button will resume the photo booth session.

  • 'Exit' = This button will exit the photobooth session.

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