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Virtual Booth Event Set-Up

How to setup a virtual booth with snappic

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Setting up a virtual photo booth is simple with Snappic.

Simply follow the steps below, as the article guides you through which settings and features work with the virtual booth. The article also touches on which features are not yet available with the virtual booth.

*Do note that the virtual booth works on the Safari browser for iPhone and Chrome for Android and permissions for the browser to use a camera need to be enabled.

$69 Event - you will receive 400 free Virtual Credits

$19 Add-on - You will receive 300 free Virtual Credits

*Additional credits can be added to the account by going to the Account tab / TopUp and adding Virtual Booth credits

*in order to use account credits go to the event and access the Virtual Booth settings tab and enable use the Account Credits and Save Changes

Step 1

Select "Enterprise Event" under the package type

All you need to do is click on "Create Event" on your dashboard and then choose an "Enterprise Event" under the package types, or if you have a monthly/annual Enterprise package then you can just click "Create Event" or "Duplicate" an old event.
Please note the virtual booth is only available on enterprise packages and now includes white-label URLs and emails.

Step 2

Select Features

You can choose if you want your virtual booth to only offer Stills, or enable GIF to be able to also offer GIF and Burst experiences to your guests. ( VideoFx is now supported on the virtual booth.)

You can also choose if you want to enable "Green Screen" which will allow your guests to make use of the "no green screen background removal feature". 

You do not need to worry about the number of photo booth or sharing station licenses as the virtual booth is a separate web license and allows for multiple licenses automatically. 

Step 3

Event Info

You can enter the event details as normal. Just remember that the virtual booth end date is set under the "Virtual Booth Settings" section.

Step 4

Event Options

The image below shows all the features (highlighted) that can be used with the Snappic Virtual Photo Booth:
- Social Media Sharing
- Email Sharing
- Text sharing
- Microsite and Gallery
- Surveys (data capture) including analytics
- Scratch and Win (Competition)
- Dropbox
- AVA (Advanced Vision Analytics)
- Digital Props
You will need to set an Admin Password to continue to the next step.

Step 5

Advanced Settings

Under the "Advanced" settings you can still use the "Disclaimer".
If you tick "Require disclaimer confirmation" then it will display the disclaimer as a pop-up on the browser that needs to be accepted in order to use the virtual booth. If you do not tick "Required disclaimer confirmation" then it will just show the disclaimer on the page throughout the virtual photo booth process.

Step 6

Social, Email, and Text

You can set up the social sharing, email, and text sections as normal.

Step 7

App Experience

Under the "App Experience", you can change the experience buttons.
So add your own custom static or animated buttons for each experience you have toggled on. If you want to add animated buttons they need to be in a .apng format. You can use this online tool to create APNGs from images - Click here
You can also enable the "Retake" button if you want it to show on the virtual booth.

Step 8


You can set up your fully branded microsite - this will be the background of the virtual booth.
(Note: We can do custom edits to your site but this will be at an additional cost)

Step 9

Digital Props

You can select your digital props as normal just remember to enable them under the "Virtual Booth Settings" section as well.

Step 10


"Scratch to Win" is available to use on the virtual photo booth.
We do have an article on how to set up the Scratch to Win option so you can read this article - How to add Competition to your event for more information.

Step 11

Still, GIF, Burst and VideoFX

All settings under the Still, GIF, and Burst sections can be edited/adjusted as normal.

Step 12

Adding your Green Screen Images

The Virtual Photo Booth only supports static backgrounds at this stage. We are charged for each photo transformation as we are using a 3rd party service so you will need to purchase credits. This can be done on the "Accounts tab" on your dashboard by clicking "Top Up" on the BG Removal Credits button.

Step 13

Testing the Virtual Booth

Once you are done, you can now open the "Virtual Booth" by going to the "Microsite Section" on your event.

With this new feature, you can now enable a vetting system. When each photo is taken it will be sent to the vetting gallery where you will be able to approve or reject the photos. Once the photo is approved, then the guest will receive their photo.

Under the "Virtual Booth" section on your event dashboard, you will be able to configure certain settings- click here for the guide on this.

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