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Elevate the experience with Coupons
Elevate the experience with Coupons

Using Snappic to print photo experiences with a coupon for customers.

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Snappic has a built-in template layout creator which you can use to create coupon designs. It requires certain printers and specific media that allow you to tear the coupon/voucher off.

Creating layouts with Snappic is incredibly easy. To get started, you’ll need to choose one of our many predesigned layouts in our library. Once you’ve selected your alignment and size, you’ll be able to add images, text, panels, discounts, and many more features to create precisely what you have in mind.

To finish your coupon layout design, you’ll need the right tools to make sure that it’s printable and able to be torn off for easy redemption. We recommend printers that are capable of printing micro-perforated media, as this will make it easy to remove individual tickets or vouchers.

Once you’ve got the printer and media set up with your design, you’ll be able to print vouchers and coupons with ease. With a design that can easily tear away, customers can redeem their discounts in no time!

What you need to do is simply create the template using the template layout creator with the following specs.

Supported printers

At this time, we recommend the following printer models that are compatible with our template designs:

  1. Mitsubishi printers

    2. DNP is a standout supported printer - DNP DS40 with DS404x6PM media -  More details

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