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We are constantly working on new features to enrich the experience. Translation allows all our international customers to have a more localised experience which we thought was super important.

You can also change just a few words to make it more convenient for your guests, for example, "share" to "send".
This guide will explain exactly how to get started with Translation which you will find under the "Preset" tab on your dashboard. Once you click "Preset" then you will see there are two translation options- App and Virtual Booth. Everything you change under the "App" section will show on the app on the iPad and any changes you make on the "Virtual Booth" section will only show on your virtual booth.

To note: if you are running an event on-site and a virtual booth at the same time then you can set up a translation for both the App and Virtual booth, just remember to choose your saved app translation under the "Advanced" settings and to also choose your saved virtual booth translation under the "Virtual Booth" settings so that both translations will be used for your event.

New QR Contactless Booth Translation:

We have recently added our QR feature and with that comes more editable options, below is a screenshot of the options available for translation when using the QR code scanner and the QR minisite.

Once you have added your changes, then save and test!

We will be adding default languages in the future, if you are interested in providing a language to the Snappic community please get in touch with us by using the live chat bubble in the bottom right of the screen.

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