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Virtual Booth Advanced Settings
Virtual Booth Advanced Settings

How the Virtual Booth settings work

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Configuring your Virtual Booth settings.

Once you have enabled the "Virtual Booth" feature on your event you will see a new section on your dashboard where you can configure the settings for the "Virtual Booth"

Click "Edit" to configure your virtual booth settings.

NEW: Stickers and Avatars are now their own separate features! Along with separating them, we have also added the option to toggle them before or after capture. We have also added digital props to the virtual booth!

  • For Avatars and stickers, you now have the ability to enable/disable them separately. You can also select whether you want the avatar and/or stickers to show before OR after capturing a photo.

  • Digital Props works with facial recognition, therefore it will only give the guest the option to add a digital prop after their photo has been captured. Unfortunately, there is no live preview for the digital props with the virtual booth.

  • There is now a search functionality option with the Avatars so guests can search for their avatar when they want to add it to their photo. This is a great option for larger events to make it easier for guests to find their own avatars.

Virtual Booth Settings:

  • End Date: Ensure you set the correct end date for when you need the virtual booth to end/close.

  • Enable avatars: This allows your guests to create avatars of themselves and then place themselves in photos with other guests.

  • Show "create avatar" at the beginning: If this is enabled then a pop-up will be displayed to your guests, asking them to create their first avatar as soon as they start the virtual booth.

  • Show Avatars: You can enable when you want the Avatar option to show- so before the guest takes a photo or after they have taken their photo.

  • Avatar Search: You can add search functionality to your event so guests can name and search their avatars.

  • Enable Stickers: Upload as many PNG image files (under Manage Stickers) and then make sure you enable stickers so they show on your event.

  • Enable Digital Props: All you need to do is enable and choose the digital props you want under your event settings (the normal iPad digital props section) and then tick this option.

  • BG Removal limit per template (this will only show if you have enabled Green Screen on your event): This will limit the number of background removal credits that can be used per template.
    For example, you would set this limit to 3 if you wanted a 3 photo template or a 3 photo Gif to be able to use the BG removal on all 3 photos. If the same event had a 16 photo Burst template as well, then the BG removal would not work on the burst but it would work on the templates with 3 photos or less.
    Remember each transformation is counted as a BG removal credit so if you have a 3 photo template then that will count as 3 BG removal credits. Similarly, a 4 photo GIF will use 4 BG removal credits. That is why the limit is available so you can limit the BG removal option so as not to waste your credits.

  • Translation: You can choose one of your translation templates from the drop-down. This would have been set up already under the "Preset Tab" on your dashboard.

  • Auto-approve sessions: If this is enabled then you will not need to approve each photo, GIF, or burst that is taken. The system will auto-approve all sessions.

  • Allow uploads: If you enable this on your event, then your users will be able to upload a still photo from their camera roll instead of having to take a photo- this is only for 1 photo template. The user will be able to upload a photo and then follow the same process of choosing an overlay and sharing their photo with the gallery.

  • Allow guest to skip sharing: If you do not need your guest to enter their email or phone information, and would rather have them skip to the gallery once they have taken their photo then you can enable this option so that the guest is able to skip the sharing step.

  • Use account credits after the event credit limit is reached: If this setting is enabled then once your event virtual photo* credits have been used up, the event will start to use your account virtual photo* credits. If you would like to limit this so that once your event virtual photo* credits have been used up the event ends, then make sure you DO NOT enable this.
    * Virtual Photo credits are the credits used per session. So 1 virtual photo credit is equal to 1 photo or 1 GIF or 1 burst. 

  • Show survey: You can choose if you would like the survey you have set up to pop up at the beginning of the experience or after the photo has been taken.

  • Limit the total number of virtual sessions: You can enable this to limit the total number of sessions (photos, GIFs, and bursts) that can be taken, and once the limit is reached your event will end.
    Example 1: If your client has only paid for 100 photos then you can limit the total number of sessions to 100 or;
    Example 2: If you want to limit your event to 500 sessions but your event only came with 400 virtual photo credits, then you would limit the total number of sessions to 500 and enable "Use account credits after the event credit limit is reached". That way once your event has used up the 400 virtual photo credits that come with the event, then only 100 virtual photo credits will be used from your account virtual credits.

  • Limit sessions per guest: This is available in case you would like to limit the number of sessions per guest so they do not take advantage of the virtual photo booth. *("Per guest session limits don't work with embedded virtual booths (i.e. using the iframe")

  • Post-share buttons: You can add another step after the guest has shared their photo. So prompt them to take another photo, or to view the gallery, or you can add your own custom link to direct them to another website.

  • Custom Link for post share button: Ensure your link begins with ‘https://‘ in order for it to work.

  • Custom preview image: You can upload your own stock image that will be used when showing/testing your overlay templates. Please note, only .jpg or .jpeg is supported.

  • Page instructions: Here you can add additional text under the headings for each step.

  • Custom CSS and Custom JS: This is available if you would like to, and know how to, add custom styling to the virtual booth experience page. 

Viewing and Topping up your credits

If you need to view or top up your BG (background) removal credits or your virtual photo credits then you can go to the "Accounts" tab on your dashboard. From here you will be able to view the available credits under each section and click on the "Top Up" button to add more credits.
Remember that topping up your credits will add the credits to your account to use on any event you choose. 

Starting your Virtual Booth

Once you have configured your settings for the "Virtual Booth" then you can start running your "Virtual Booth" by scrolling to the "Microsite" section and clicking on the "Virtual Booth" button. You can copy this link and send it to your clients to distribute to their guests.

Vetting Photos

If you have not enabled "Auto-approve sessions", then you will need to approve each photo, GIF, or burst that is taken before it can be shared with the user. You can do this by clicking on the "Actions" button on the top right of your event dashboard and then clicking on "Manage Approvals".

You will now be able to approve or reject the photos, Gifs, and bursts that come in.

*Do note that the virtual booth works on the Safari browser for iPhone and Chrome for Android.

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