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How to enable & create an Avatar
How to enable & create an Avatar

Learn how to setup an avatar for your virtual event!

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Bring people together virtually by using our avatar functionality to create a group session to add guests from all over the world.

Step 1:

Select your virtual event and scroll down to the "Virtual Booth" section and click on "Edit".

Step 2:

Select the option to "Enable Avatars".

Step 3:

The option to show 'create avatar' at the beginning of the Virtual Booth session will help direct your clients to the Avatar set up in order to create their own.

  • You can also select when you want to place your 'Avatars' on the photo by using the 'Show avatar' option, it can be at the beginning or at the end of the photo session.

  • To make things easier we have also added a 'Search' function which will come in handy during large events so that clients can find their avatars much easier as they will have the option to name their created avatar

Below is an illustration of when you will be asked to name your Avatar after you create and approve it- see the below image.

Then in order to use the search option, simply click on 'add friends' Then you can type your avatar name in the search box as shown below:

Side Note:

Now that you have enabled the Avatar function you can proceed to the "Accounts" tab and then purchase BG Removal Credits so that you can start testing!

Step 4 :

Next, you can access your virtual event where you will see the option to create an Avatar.

Step 5 :

Select a 'full-body' Avatar or a 'headshot' to proceed.

Step 6:

You will have the option to 'Add Friends' this could be your own avatars or your friends if they have created an Avatar.

A pop-up with all the avatars that have been added to your event will show on-screen. You can keep adding as many avatars as you would like and then proceed to take your photo which you can then share via text or email.

Step 7:

You will need to position your avatars then get ready to take your photo, share, and keep testing!

*Do note that if you select the option to show Avatars at the end of the photo session then it will be much easier to position and fit your guests into the template.

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