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GoPro Wired Connection
GoPro Wired Connection
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Refer to the relevant section below for information about the adapter required for your specific iOS devices, and how to keep your iOS device charged.

Note that it isn't possible to charge the GoPro when using a wired connection. We recommend bringing multiple batteries to longer events, as well as a dedicated battery charger such as this one, so that the batteries can be charged outside of the camera.

Devices with a Lightning Port

If your device has a lightning port, you will need a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. Please note that the powered version of this adapter will not work with devices that have a Lightning port.

Charging Devices with Lightning Port

Because the powered adapter is not compatible, you will need to find another way to charge your iOS device. A wireless charger should be able to keep your device charged. If your iOS device supports it, we recommend a MagSafe compatible charger such as this one, so that it can be attached magnetically.

Devices with USB-C

If your device has a USB-C type port, you don't need an adapter to use a wireless GoPro. You will need to use a USB-C to USB-C cable that supports transferring data (make sure it's not a charge-only cable).

Charging Devices with USB-C

Unlike devices with a Lightning port, devices with a USB-C cable support using powered adapters. The only requirement is that the adapter supports USB-PD. We have tested these adapters without any issue:

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