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Remotely access and control your iPad from anywhere.

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Snappic is proud to present a feature that we feel is going to be huge for permanent installs or if you are frustrated with not being able to edit events remotely. Not only can you remote in and refresh events but you can also adjust the camera settings, manage the share queue or just make sure your event is running smoothly.

Setting up Live Connect

Remote access

This is only available within the Snappic app, you cannot remote into the iPad itself. If Snappic is minimized or closed you will not be able to remote in. 


LiveConnect is available on Enterprise Plus and can be added to a monthly or yearly Enterprise package by adding the white-label URLs and Emails option.

Note that the iPad needs to be running Snappic in the foreground (i.e. not minimized), and must have an active internet connection. This feature only allows you to control and view what's happening in the Snappic app. No other apps or parts of the OS will be accessible.

See it in action

Please do note that if you are on a Live Connect session and the guest is trying to take a gif or burst shot you may experience some lag on the app end. So once you have made a change or had a look at what you needed to on the iPad then you must end the session. You can end the session by clicking on the telephone icon. 

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