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Linking a Green Screen Template
Linking a Green Screen Template

How to link a green screen background to a specific overlay template.

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Should your event require certain overlay templates to link to specific green screen backgrounds, then follow the steps below which will show you how to activate this functionality.

*For best results, ensure your green screen background is the same aspect ratio as the frame that was added to the template e.g. a square overlay will work best with a square frame.

Step 1

Enable Green Screen

Enable "Green screen" on your event, this feature can be found under the "Features" section.

Once you have enabled green screen, then you can upload your green screen backgrounds under the "Green Screen" section.

Step 2

Link your Background

Now you can go to your still, GIF, or burst templates section and click on the "GS" button under the overlay template. You will then be able to select which background/s are shown to your guest when they choose that specific overlay on the iPad.

If you have chosen "AI Removal" under the "Green Screen" section, then you can make use of the additional setting on this page - "Disable AI Removal" - this gives you the option to not use AI removal on these templates so the background will not be replaced.

Use case: If you want to offer AI removal for your still and gif templates but you do not want to offer AI removal on your burst templates as it will consume too many credits then you can disable AI removal on your burst templates.

Step 3


Once you are happy with your selection, click "Done", then continue with the rest of your setup on the dashboard. Once you are done, you can test it on your iPad.

If you are editing a current event then don't forget to refresh your event on the Snappic app so that the new changes can sync on the iPad.

*Always ensure you have enough AI removal (BG removal) credits for your events. You can top up under the Accounts tab on your dashboard.

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