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In-App Chroma Key & AI Background Removal Settings
In-App Chroma Key & AI Background Removal Settings

How to adjust the green screen settings within the Snappic app.

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Snappic now includes the ability to adjust your AI Background Removal settings directly on the iPad, as well as, the Chroma Key settings when using a physical green screen.

When you first start the event on the Snappic app, you will see a "Camera Settings" screen, make sure you click on the tab that says "Filters" to access the green screen settings.

You will now be able to adjust the below settings for the AI Background Removal or the Chroma Key settings depending on the option you selected:

AI Background Removal Filter

Maximum Upload Concurrency

This controls how many images can be uploaded at the same time. Higher options mean more images can upload at a time. The more images processed at a time, the faster they will upload, but it can overload a slow network if it is uploading too many at a time.

Image Upload Compression

This controls how much jpeg compression is applied to the images when uploading. Higher compression means that the images will upload faster, but the image quality drops.

Chroma Key Filter


This slider can be used to select the colored background that you will use for the "green screen" setup. So, for example, if you have a blue physical background/backdrop you can use this option by moving the slider onto the blue. Please note, just make sure your backdrop color matches the color chosen on the slider.


This controls how similar pixels need to be to the selected color that is going to be replaced.


This controls how gradually the similar colors are replaced, to smooth the edges between background & foreground.

You can use 'Threshold & Smoothing' to adjust the sensitivity of the green screen effect. For example, if your green screen effect is not looking crisp (perhaps too much color, or not enough, is being replaced) then you would need to adjust these sliders to try to improve the image.

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