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Enterprise Plus Custom App Icon
Enterprise Plus Custom App Icon

Add your company app icon and have it open the grey label app.

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Do you want to have your App icon show on the iPad vs the Grey label App icon, then this article is for you.

*Please note this is only available for Enterprise Plus packages.

Step 1

You are going to need the Shortcuts app, which looks like this. If you do not have the Shortcuts app already then please download it from the App Store.

Shortcuts on the App Store

Once you have opened the shortcuts app, click the + icon to create your first shortcut.

Step 2

Now type "Open App" in the search bar and select the "Open App" action below.

Step 3

Tap "Choose" and select the "GIF Booth" App.

Step 4.

Click the 3 dots next to the shortcut name, and it will open up the "Details" pop-up. Here you need to click "Add to Home Screen."

Step 5

Now enter your company name and click the app icon to change it to your company app icon.

Step 6

Click "Add" and then "Done", and you are all set! It should be on your home screen ready to go.

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