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Displaying a Slideshow
Displaying a Slideshow

The best way to use SNAPPIC to stream your event photos

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SNAPPIC has created an easy-to-use, customizable slideshow feature that allows you to stream images to a TV or projector at your events.

The solution can be run in a browser or downloaded as an app on your laptop. Just make sure you do have the Microsite feature enabled on your event.

You will need:

  • A stable internet connection

  • A laptop or tablet

*Please note that the dropdown list for your event options on the slideshow pulls events that are considered 'live', so if the start date is in the future then it will not show on the list. The 'Client Slideshow Link' can bypass this. But you won't be able to set up the advanced settings tab in this case, it will need to be adjusted once the event is live.

Step 1


Firstly, ensure you have enabled the "Microsite" feature for your event. Then you should see a "Slideshow 2.0" section. Click on "Login" to access your slideshow settings.

Step 2

Configuring the Slideshow Settings


  • Adding a background

  • Adding a top banner

  • Adding adverts

  • Grid configurations

  • Restricting client access to settings

There are three sections to configure:

Slideshow Settings

1. Images - Choose if you want to flip through all the images taken at the event or if you only want to show the most recent images.

2. Media Type - Enable which experiences you would like shown on the slideshow.

3. Slideshow Window Header - Upload a banner that will be shown at the top of the slideshow window. You can resize this once you start the slideshow by adjusting the slider on the top right.

4. Display Grid Size - Configure how many images you would like shown at one time by choosing the size of the grid.

5. Grid Refresh Duration - Set the time between each image refresh.

6. Slideshow Background - Upload a background that will be placed behind the images.

Advert Settings

7. Grid Advert Refreshing - Set how many images are shown before an advert is displayed.

8. Grid Advert Media - Upload an advert that will show in the place of an image.

9. Full-Screen Advert Displaying - Set the time frame between showing full-screen adverts.

10. Full-Screen Advert Duration - Set the duration you want the full-screen advert to show for.

11. Full-Screen Advert Media - Upload an advert image that will be shown on the full screen.

Advanced Settings

12. Settings Are Editable - Indicate if you would like the slideshow settings to be accessed and editable by your client when they log in with the Slideshow Code.

Step 3

Starting your Slideshow

Once you are done with your slideshow settings, you can just click "Start Slideshow" and make sure you are happy with the artwork and configurations.

To exit the slideshow view, just click the back arrow in the browser or hover your mouse in the top right corner and a red "X" will appear.

How to send your client the slideshow link

Send Client Slideshow Link

Click the "Copy Link" button under the "Slideshow 2.0" section or "Copy Client Link" on the Slideshow settings page (see images below).
This will copy the slideshow link so you can paste it into an email or message to your client. They will then be able to open this link in their browser.

Option 2

Send Event Code

You can just send your client the "Event Code" displayed under the Slideshow 2.0 section if they already have access to the slideshow URL.

Installing the Slideshow App

You can use the browser slideshow or you can install the app by following the below steps.

Click the icon at the top right of the browser and then click the "install" button.

You can now access the Slideshow app on your laptop whenever you need to.

Slideshow Quick access panel

Once the Slideshow has started you can still access all of the settings by closing the slideshow but if you need to disable Still, GIF, and Videos as well as adjust the size of the top logo it will show on top of the browser window.

In case you have any additional questions feel free to send us a message on the Live Support Chat

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