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White Label URLs and Emails
White Label URLs and Emails

Getting started

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(If you prefer to use the generic option you can ignore the below steps)

Step 1. You will need to enable the white-label feature which can be found under the Event Details - Features module.

Step 2.  You can now select to use our generic 'myboothpic' url or setup your own by clicking on the +ADD buttons which will take you to white-label setup to add your own domain to the link.

Step 3. Under "Add a new whitelabel domain" you will add a new domain associated with your domain for example (Where is your domain) There will be a pop up with CNAME records which you will keep for later. (You will need to input these into your Cpanel)

Some hosting providers such as GoDaddy will require you to add only the 'gallery' without the rest of the domain as the host and then then that points to

Step 4. Under "Add a new verified Email" you will need to add your domain e.g. You will then get another pop-up which contains a set of CNAME records which you will keep for later. (You will need to input these into your Cpanel)

This is important so that the email address is verified and gets sent on behalf of your domain instead of Snappic.

Step 5. You will need to head over to your hosting provider e.g. GoDaddy, Squarespace, etc. Then go to the DNS Manager and add the CNAME records from steps 3 & 5.

*If you are using GoDaddy, then you will need to copy only the first part of your hostname as you won't need to add the domain:

For example, if your host is - then all you need to copy is 'gallery' as shown below. (Repeat this for all cname records you need to add to your domain)

Below are links on how to add a cname if you use GoDaddy.

Step 6. Now make sure you add a link domain, this will ensure that all links from emails or text will not show Snappic.

Step 7:  Wait a couple of hours for the DNS records to propagate and then head back to the "White Label Settings" screen and click verify on each of the sections.

Step 8. You will now need to create a Facebook App ID to complete the process click the button below for more info. (Please make sure you use the same domain in the Apple ID as you have done in step 2 e.g.

Step 9. Input the Facebook App ID which will appear once all has been set up (Please note if you do not see your domain in the drop-down it may be because your domain has not been verified correctly)

*Please Note that the URL which you see in the text message is a short-link and is not associated with Snappic, we use this for aesthetics as well as function. The text would be very long which would not look good and may then be sent over multiple texts if we didn’t or if we used the entire domain that you have specified.

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