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AVA and FaceMatch
AVA and FaceMatch

How to enable AVA and FaceMatch

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AVA is our Advanced Vision Analytics feature.

It uses a facial recognition neural network to extract additional analytics from all images that are uploaded.
We can determine how many of the guests at the event are male vs female and also give you approximate age ranges.
It will also tell you the total number of faces detected at the event, as well as the average number of faces detected per photo.

AVA also ties into our FaceMatch feature.

With FaceMatch your guests are able to find all the pictures they have taken of themselves at a particular event.

How this works:
When you enable FaceMatch on your event then you will notice a small bubble at the bottom of the microsite page, when you click on the bubble then it will ask to take a photo to use to search the rest of the photos taken at the event. If viewing the microsite on a desktop then it will either ask to take a photo or allow you to upload a photo to use as a reference. 

The system will then use that photo to find all other photos taken at the event with that person. 

How to enable AVA:

Step 1 

You will need to access your event and select the ''Event Options'' box by clicking on "Edit".

Step 2

Select the AVA option (make sure it is ticked) then you can save and the option will now be active. 

How to enable FaceMatch:

Step 1

Scroll down to the Microsite section and select edit.

Step 2 

Tick the FaceMatch box and once you have selected it then a pop-up will appear with the FaceMatch Privacy info which you will need to add under the disclaimer section.

You then need to save the changes and refresh the Snappic app on the iPad for the settings to propagate.

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